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A Comprehensive Journey for Your Employees

Birth to Work Confidence

Your employees are the backbone of your business. When your colleagues go on maternity leave, it can potentially impact not only their career but also the overall performance of your company.

By embracing our comprehensive Birth to Work Confidence package, you demonstrate a deep commitment to your employees' holistic well-being. Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), may only assist 2-3% of the population, our programme is about proactively establishing a range of tools and support systems that can address and even prevent issues at an earlier stage, thereby supporting a return to work and resilience upstream

pregnant women at work


Mothers are affected by Post natal depression. 

Hypnobirthing has been linked to a reduction to PND occuring

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mothers face problems returning to work after maternity leave

pregnant women at work

With 86% of women becoming mothers by the age of 40, neglecting to establish the necessary support systems implies a lack of consideration for nearly half of the population.

Numerous studies show that utilising hypnobirthing techniques can decrease the probability of experiencing postnatal depression. This, in turn, facilitates a smoother and faster transition back to the workplace for most individuals, ultimately bolstering staff retention and enhancing overall job satisfaction. Our Birth to Work Confidence program empowers employees with the assurance they need to seamlessly reintegrate into the work environment, enabling them to once again make a meaningful and productive contribution to your team.


Improve retention of staff post maternity and paternity leave

Reduce recruitment costs

Improve Health and well-being of your employees

Improve and diversify your holistic wellbeing package

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pregnant women at work

63% of millennials cite financial rewards and employee benefits as the most important factor when considering working for a company

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81% of employees say if companies improved their benefits package it would make them happier

pregnant women at work
pregnant women at work
9 out of 10 mothers experience problems returning to work after maternity leave and a prolonged absence from work can reduce engagement, motivation and workplace wellbeing by as much as 20% when people return. Maternity coaching helps both individuals and organisations manage the transition smoothly

Alexa Young, CA

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