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Nice to meet you

If you've found my page and you're looking to get to know me, we are one step closer to rewriting Your Birth Story. 

I hope you choose me to be your guide on this transformative journey,

Love Nicole

Qualified Hypnobirthing teacher based in Berkshire

Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Expert

Founder of Your Birth Story

I trained in Hypnobirthing and antenatal education through Antenatal Training UK, the leading trainer to NHS maternity services, after I personally had 2 amazingly powerful and transformative birth experiences. I knew I was the right person to support other pregnant families embrace the power of birth and beyond  

Mum of 2 and wife

The 2 things I am most grateful for

I fell in love at first sight with my husband 17 years ago. We have 2 beautiful children named after the Ocean, both of which were born using Hypnobirthing techniques, so I really do speak from personal experience. I do what I do for them. My husbands involvement in both births is what drives me to make sure that birth partners are really involved, as Hannah and Marcus said "Unlike NCT, the emphasis was placed on Marcus as a birthing partner and she really made sure that he knew all the techniques so that I didn’t have to worry about remembering in the moment". 

Qualified Hypnobirthing teacher with family
Qualified Hypnobirthing teacher with family

I Love to travel

And having a family has not stopped me

I met my husband whilst working in Greece and we have not stopped exploring since. 

I was always determined that starting a family would not stop us being adventurous. and sure, we've now succumbed to the delights of a package holiday but we still use our campervan to travel across the UK and Europe looking for the next best surf, kayak, hike or kayak spot.

I used to hate the idea of birth

And now it's all I think about....

If you had met me pre 2019 you would have never believed I would be a birth worker, or even have a baby. 

I truly hated the idea of birth and gave absolutely no attention to my friends who birthed before me. (sorry about that!)

But since being pregnant with my first and accidently stumbling across this wacky thing poorly titled Hypnobirthing, it changed my world and my mission to rewrite the narrative of birth for as many people as I can reach.

Qualified Hypnobirthing Teacher delivering a group Antenatal class in reading
"Her expertise and passion for hypnobirthing truly shines through in her teaching. What sets her apart is not just her knowledge but also her warm and friendly demeanor, which instantly puts you at ease."

May Rose - Second time parent - Planned Royal Berkshire Hospital

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