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Break the Fear of birth

"Birth is painful", we've all heard that a thousand times from friends, family, the media and complete strangers. But Why is it painful? There is no other normal physiological response in our body that when all is well, is painful. So why birth?

Understanding the Fear - Tension - Pain cycle can help you understand why birth can be painful and give you the hammer to break the cycle for a better birth story.

When we think about birth, it's common for the word "pain" to come to mind. This association often stems from how birth is portrayed in our modern society and Western culture. Books, films, TV shows, and even stories from friends or strangers on the bus tend to emphasize the dramatic and sometimes terrifying aspects of labor and birth. This fear of pain becomes deeply ingrained in our minds, and it's not our fault—it's a reflection of our time and culture.

Birth is boring

Sadly, what we rarely hear or see are the straightforward, almost 'boring' birth stories. Stories where everything went smoothly, except of course for the incredible event of welcoming a new life into the world! Or the uplifting, magical, empowering, positive tales filled with love and joy—stories that some women and their partners actually look forward to. But here's the thing: birth can be a positive experience for everyone. It's something to approach with confidence and anticipation, viewing it primarily as a 'human' event rather than just a 'medical' one.


Fear is holding you back

So, what if we could release the fear surrounding childbirth? Imagine being genuinely excited about giving birth! How might letting go of this fear change the physical experience of labour? That's where hypnobirthing comes in. It's all about learning to break the cycle of fear, tension, and pain.

You might wonder, why do some women experience pain during birth? Fear triggers our body's natural response: releasing adrenaline and tensing our muscles in preparation for 'fight or flight.' This primal reaction aims to protect us from the unknown—it's a survival instinct. However, when our muscles are tense, they tend to create pain during movement. In labour, if fear causes physical tension, the uterine muscles don't work as efficiently. In addition to feeling tense, our physiological response to fear is to send blood and oxygen away from non defence organ (goodbye uterus) and to our extremities. How useful really is that in birth? This series of animalistic, automatic events leads to increased discomfort. This sets off a cycle—the Fear-Tension-Pain cycle.

The Game Changer

But here's the game-changer: hypnobirthing helps break this cycle. By releasing fear and anxiety during pregnancy, we can significantly reduce or manage pain during labour. The techniques, rooted in hypnotherapy, aim to relax the mind and body, benefiting both pregnancy and labour. By eliminating fear from the equation, our body doesn't produce stress hormones or tense muscles, and our bodies don't slip into fight or flight mode, reducing the interpretation of sensations as pain. This relaxation also enables the body to perform its natural birthing process more easily and comfortably, often scientifically proven in shorter labour.

Moreover, education about the birthing process is crucial. Understanding what's happening in your body during labour, debunking myths, and making informed decisions in partnership with healthcare providers leads to empowerment and confidence during childbirth.

In summary


Feeling fearful about birth is normal due to cultural assumptions. However, through comprehensive birth education and an unbiased preparation course, you can realize that birth doesn't have to be painful. Understanding the process makes labour less daunting.


Fear causes tension and tightness in your body, making contractions feel more intense.


Appreciating the remarkable birthing process and learning hypnobirthing techniques significantly aids in managing discomfort, fostering confidence and calmness. Anticipate birth without fear but with excitement!

A strong support system, an informed birth partner, and various relaxation techniques learned through hypnobirthing further aid in reducing fear and tension, ultimately leading to a positive, calm, and empowering birth experience. So, with this understanding, consider joining a Hypnobirthing & Birth Preparation course to equip yourself with the tools and knowledge needed for a more manageable and positive birth journey.

There are lots of Hypnobirthing classes to choose from and there will be plenty local to you. If you are based in Berkshire or Hampshire, Your Birth Story deliver face to face coaching both in groups or in your home. you can check out Nicole's classes here:

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