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“Comparing my experience with Nicole to previous childbirth education courses, such as NCT, is like night and day. In just four sessions, Nicole provided me with more practical knowledge and emotional support than I received in ten sessions with NCT."

Hannah and Marcus

Third Time parents - Basingstoke & Hampshire Hospital VBAC

Hannah and Ry

Second time parents - Planned Basingstoke & Hampshire Hospital

Ry and I really enjoyed these classes and we gained lots from it. This was our second birth journey and second time using hypnobirthing as a way of preparing for a positive birth, and with a 3year gap, we needed reminding of all the tools and techniques. Nicole explained things really well and was super enthusiastic - which always helps me learn. The sessions were very interactive with really good practical examples to help explain things, and she was always happy to answer any questions. The rooms we were in were set up in such a calm and soothing way too, with candles, pregnancy balls, fruity teas etc too.

The birth partner takeaways really helped Ry too and were a lovely touch for him to feel more involved.

Thank you so much Nicole, we learnt a lot.

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Josie and Dom

First time parents - Planned Homebirth

Nicole's hypnobirthing course was fantastic for explaining the process of labour and how our bodies are designed. Her ideas and knowledge is backed by science, which converted my skeptical husband to seeing the benefits of it.


She is friendly, approachable and created the perfect calming vibes to get everyone into the right head space for our sessions.

Hypnobirthing is more than just breathing and listening to music. It is about understanding how your body works to give you the best chance of being able to control what is in your power to have a positive and powerful experience in labour.

Not only have I learnt tools and techniques that I'll use through my labour but also in daily life when situations are becoming overwhelming. Nicole even went out of her way to research into things we discussed during our sessions to tailor it to our group specifically.

I would recommend these courses to every pregnant couple. My confidence has grown tremendously and I can't thank Nicole enough!

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Jen and Mike

First Time parents - Planned Royal Berkshire Hospital 

Nicole is a passionate hypnobirthing instructor who was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I really enjoyed learning from her. Hearing Nicole's stories and the science behind hypnobirthing made me confident that I was making the right choices to have the birth I wanted. Thanks Nicole.

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Hannah and  Marcus

Third time parents - Basingstoke and Hampshire Hospital VBAC

I recently had the privilege of attending a private Hypnobirthing course in my own home led by the incredible Nicole, and I cannot express enough how transformative the experience was for me. As a mother expecting my third child I anticipated a familiar journey, but the labour was entirely different and could have been quite scary if it weren’t for what I had learned with Nicole.

From the moment we met Nicole, we were welcomed in a sense of calm and empowerment. Her knowledge and genuine passion for supporting expectant mothers was so evident throughout each session. Despite being a seasoned mother, I found myself learning invaluable techniques and tools that I never knew I needed.

I also loved Nicole’s emphasis on the birthing partner. I felt that Marcus, my partner, was left out with NCT and was kind of just there. With Nicole, the emphasis was placed on Marcus as a birthing partner and she really made sure that he knew all the techniques so that I didn’t have to worry about remembering in the moment.

During the birth of my child, there were moments where fear threatened to overtake me. Yet, thanks to Nicole, I was able to draw upon the methods she had taught us and find strength and safety. Without Nicole's guidance, I firmly believe my birth story could have taken a drastically different turn, potentially leading to another C-section.

Comparing my experience with Nicole to previous childbirth education courses, such as NCT, is like night and day. In just four sessions, Nicole provided me with more practical knowledge and emotional support than I received in ten sessions with NCT. Her approach was not only informative but deeply empowering, leaving me feeling confident and prepared for the journey ahead.

I wholeheartedly recommend Nicole's Hypnobirthing course to ALL expectant mothers, whether embarking on their first birth or any subsequent childbirths. The tools and insights she offers are absolutely invaluable, giving women and their birth partners the strength, confidence and tools to have control over their own labor and birth.



Second time parent - Planned Homebirth

This hypnobirthing course was beautifully delivered, extremely informative and has given me a wealth of knowledge to prepare myself (and my birth partner) for our second baby.

The classes are intimate and friendly and give a thorough explanation of how hypnobirthing works.


Melody and Dave

Second time parents - Royal Berkshire Hospital Birth

I had always thought that hypnobirthing would work for me, but felt it had a bigger impact having used Nicole. Her passion, empathy and personality coupled with definitive knowledge of the techniques made me feel so empowered. I will forever be grateful that I embraced this approach, and that I utilised Nicole. Her influence on my birthing is invaluable. I’d do it all again in a heart beat.

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