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Reading Antenatal & Hypnobirthing Course

Feeling informed to make decisions that are right for you is not a luxury in todays maternity system, it is an essential part of birth. Leave my Antenatal course feeling empowered and prepared to tackle any obstacle that comes your way with the tools and support you need

Why plan for birth when birth does not to to plan?

You're right, birth rarely goes to plan. Hypnobirthing is not about helping your birth go to plan, it is about preparing you for when things do not go to plan. 

Nobody can predict or fully control what happens in labour but your best defence against a traumatic experience is feeling in control, being informed and having a birth partner by your side that knows exactly how to advocate for and support you

Hypnobirthing and antenatal group course in Reading

Group  face to face Course

~ Intimate groups of 4 -5 families held in the Beautiful grounds at The Little Play Lounge in Padworth, West Berkshire

~ 10 hours of face to face class time split into 4 consecutive weekday evenings. 2.5 hrs each session

~ Interactive, workshop style for a more immersive learning experience

~ Up to 2 birth partners included in booking

~ Takeaway activities specifically for Birth Partners

~ Plenty of opportunity to build connections with local parents

~ personalised guidance and support tailored to your specific needs and concerns.

£275 per couple

Private 1:1 Course

~ Held in your own home for total relaxation and convinvence

~ Scheduling to fit around your needs, Daytime, evening and weekends available on discussion

~ Can be delivered in between 5 - 10 hours depending on your needs

~ Fully tailored to your learning style, experience level, and birthing goals

~ Option to include as many birthing partners as desired for comprehensive support

~  Enjoy privacy and discretion while discussing personal topics and concerns,

~ Cover within 30 miles of Reading. Including: Newbury, Thatcham, slough, Windsor, Henley, Pangbourne and all surrounding villages

Private 1:1 Hypnobirthing class held in your home in Berkshire

£187.50 - £375 depending on needs

show a man and a women of african descent holding a newborn baby.jpg

Add on Postnatal planning

~ 2.5 hours held privately in your home

~ Physical Recovery

~Self-Care and Mental Health

~ Breastfeeding and Infant Feeding

~ Bonding

~Postpartum Nutrition

~ Relationship

~ Returning to Work or Making Lifestyle Adjustments

~ Managing expectations from friends, family and society

~ Safe sleeping

~ Baby Wearing

~ Baby Care

~ Community resources and Support Groups

£94 per couple

Pregnancy relaxation 

~ Intimate groups of 2-3 held in a beautiful setting in Burghfield common

~ Different topics explored each week including: Relaxation in pregnancy - Fear in pregnancy & Birth - Birth partner support - Preparing for birth - Hormones for birth

~ Each week starts with a welcoming cup of tea

~ Deep relaxation exercise giving you and your baby an opportunity to deeply relax and connect. 

show two pregnant women laying down on yoga mats, feeling relaxed with candles and low lig

£50 for 4 sessions

What is covered in a full Antenatal and Hypnobirthing course

The full 10 hour programme provides you with everything you need to feel prepared for birth. There is no need to book an additional NCT (National Childbirth Trust) course

Upcoming Hypnobirthing and Antenatal courses in Reading

No events at the moment
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