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Do you want to feel prepared for all eventualites including C-section and induction?

Do you want a birth partner that understands how to support you?

Do you want to undersdtand how your body actually births your baby?

Group Hypnobirthing Antenatal class in Berkshire

It all starts with your hormones

When you feel stressed anxious or out of control, your body goes into fight or flight mode which slows down the progress of birth making it longer and more painful. 

Hypnobirthing goes beyond conventional NCT antenatal classes by teaching you how to let go of fear, attune to your mind and body, and create a deeper connection with your baby and partner. all of which help produce the right hormones for birth.... Spoiler alert, that is Oxytocin!


Evidence based teaching

We would not be who we are without understanding the science and the WHY behind the techniques. It's not just about Breathing for sure, but did you know how breathing is proven to slow your heart rate, reduce blood pressure and slow down the production of adrenalin. The science behind the techniques is, for me, more important than the technique itself


Effective toolkit to aid deep relaxation

Learn the tools for deep relaxation and how to condition your body to respond to them so you feel empowered and in control


Understanding the hormones of birth


Understand your birthing body

You will learn about the anatomy and physiology of birth including what is considered normal or risky and what to expect.


Getting to grips with the mind-body connection and how to change hormones to support birth is a bedrock of Hypnobirthing


Informed choice

Understanding interventions, what is available to you and knowing your rights helps you navigate a health care system and make decisions that are right for you

Birth Partners role

Hypnobirthing requires pure trust  commitment from a Birth partner. I help you define roles and take a lead

Jennifer - Online course

"Hearing Nicole's stories and the science behind hypnobirthing made me confident that I was making the right choices to have the birth I wanted"

May - Private course

She presents a realistic approach to hypnobirthing that is both empowering and reassuring"

Anna - Private course

Busted all my preconceptions about hypnobirthing. She is knowledgable, eloquent and kind. I totally trust her and she has helped me to trust myself on my journey

What are the benefits of Hypnobirthing?

Discover how Hypnobirthing helps you achieve the birth story you deserve

Discover our Hypnobirthing and Antenatal course in reading

All programmes include a free 60 minute full body pregnancy massage at Thames Lido and Spa in Reading which will be posted to you with 3 working days of booking

No events at the moment

Hypnobirthing evidence and studies

I love how surprising the sciencey bit is for everyone

We Prioritize Evidence-Based Teaching for Empowering Birth Experiences and are dedicated to delivering the most reliable and up-to-date information to future parents.


Our evidence-based approach ensures safety, effectiveness, and empowerment throughout your birthing journey. We believe knowledge is the foundation of informed, confident decisions for your birth experience.

Your birth story hypnobirthing logo

This study found that women who gave birth via hypnobirthing had less birth pain and fear compared to the participants in the control group. All of the women who applied hypnobirthing stated that the hypnobirthing method reduced pain.  

Your birth story hypnobirthing logo

This Study found the hypnobirthing group rates of birth intervention were significantly lower and their deliveries period were shorter, than those that of the routine control group.  Birth satisfaction was also shown to be higher.

Your birth story hypnobirthing logo

This study shows Pregnant mothers who studied hypnobirthing had anxiety level aslow at a statistically significant lower level than pregnant mothers who did not study hypnobirthing. 

Your birth story hypnobirthing logo

This Study from The Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust has done a study into the benefits of hypnobirthing, which showed that only 4% of hypnobirthing births ended with an emergency C-section compared with 15% for the general population

Your birth story hypnobirthing logo

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is a UK-based organization that provides evidence-based guidelines and recommendations for healthcare professionals to promote high-quality healthcare practices

Your birth story hypnobirthing logo

AIMS has campaigned tirelessly for improvements to the UK's maternity services, as well as supporting women and pregnant people. They provide a range of resourses to support all maternity service users to navigate the system as it exists.

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