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Rewrite the narrative of birth with modern, science based Antenatal and Hypnobirthing classes for Every birth

Are you ready to embrace  childbirth and welcome a baby into your life with complete empowerment, serenity, and confidence?

This comprehensive Antenatal and hypnobirthing course based in Reading, Berkshire, is meticulously crafted to equip your mind and body for the journey of pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. 

In contrast to the conventional, traditional antenatal training your parents might have done, we provide a modern, evidence-based program that equips you with a deep understanding of your body, your baby, and the brain in childbirth.


This knowledge empowers you to be well-informed and in control, allowing you to write the birth experience you truly deserve.

Hypnobirthing basics



What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a comprehensive childbirth preparation course designed to empower you with the confidence needed for birthing your baby. It transcends conventional antenatal classes, drawing from scientific principles and incorporating techniques from diverse fields like neuro-linguistic programming and cognitive behavioural therapy. This approach goes beyond traditional prenatal education by guiding you through fear release, enhancing mindfulness, and nurturing a closer connection with your baby and partner. Ultimately, it equips both you and your birth partner with a profound understanding of the birthing process.


Who is Hypnobirthing for?

Are you expecting? Seeking confidence for your childbirth journey? Hoping for the right support from your care team and birth partner? Craving autonomy and respect for your birthing choices? If you answered "yes" to any of these, Hypnobirthing could be the ideal choice for you.

If you have experienced past birth trauma it is worth considering a private course, I cover within 30 miles of Reading, Berkshire and this gives you the opportunity to release previous birth trauma before moving forward towards a more positive birth story


Why choose Hypnobirthing over a traditional course

How often have you encountered traumatic or less-than-positive birth tales? Perhaps you've even experienced one yourself. What kind of birth preparation was involved in those experiences? The truth is, most individuals tend to opt for traditional antenatal education programs. While these classes hold value for many, they often overlook a crucial aspect: your mindset. Hypnobirthing places emphasis on nurturing your mind. By comprehending the mind-body connection, it equips you to grasp the hormonal dynamics of birth and dives into your rights, empowering you to feel in control and truly empowered.

Which programme is right for me?

In person Hypnobirthing programmes are held in and around Reading Berkshire. I only use venues that reflect the environment we hope to achieve in birth. Courses are held at The Little Play Lounge in Padworth or Soul Barns in Mortimer.

Private coaching is held in the comfort of your own home. I cover Berkshire, West Berkshire and some of Hampshire. 

What can you expect to learn?

Trust me its not all breathing and I promise I won't make you cluck like a chicken. There are too many Myths about Hypnobirthing to mention so below I break down what I actually cover in my full 10 hour programme

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The Physiological Bit

To understand birth, we first need to understand how your body actual works in birth. We learn how your uterus works, what hormones promote or slow down labour and how to recognise stages of labour plus how to handle them

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The Relaxing bit

Do you truly know how to relax? Like really relax? Learning how to slow your heart rate, quieten your neocortex and release tension takes practise. Here we learn the evidence behind the techniques and the practise key breathing, massage and visualisation techniques. 

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The Psychological bit

This is where we spend most time. The mind is the most powerful tool we own and has the biggest impact on how birth progresses and how we feel about birth. We delve deep into the mind and body connection. This helps you understand what you can do to direct birth

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The Medical bit

Understanding all of your options for intervention, both pharmaceutical or not is an important way to prepare for your birth, you certainly don't want to make a decision on whether or not to have an intervention on the day of your birth without knowing the pros and the cons. Here we discuss in detail your options and help you make decision that is right for you 

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The Practical bit

I believe that by building a healthy toolkit you can prepare for any type of birth. We look closely at the vital role of the birthing partner, key positions and use a number of scientifically backed frameworks to build on your knowledge and empowerment. 

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The free bit

When you join our tribe, you will gain access to a host of guided visualisation MP3s, and be given a number of guides and frameworks to help in your preparation. I am also on hand all the way through until the end of your 4th Trimester (that's 3 months after your baby is born)

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The journey towards your dream birth begins with the mindset of empowerment. Begin your journey today with Your Birth Story.


What Our Clients Say

women holding newborn baby looking happy after her hypnobirth
"Nicole is a great teacher. She integrates her own personal experience with really practical, evidence-based tools to prepare you for your birth. My partner and I both walked away with a great toolkit to help us prepare for the birth of our first child.."

Bonnie - First Time mum  - Online course

  • Mon, 11 Mar
    The Little Play Lounge
    11 Mar 2024, 19:00 – 20:00
    The Little Play Lounge, Rectory Rd, Padworth, Reading RG7 4JD, UK
    11 Mar 2024, 19:00 – 20:00
    The Little Play Lounge, Rectory Rd, Padworth, Reading RG7 4JD, UK
    Mothers Day is for Mum's to be too..... Join us for 'Mothers day Wellness Night' and connect with local mothers-to-be! Treat yourself to an evening of relaxation and pregnancy wellness at our beautiful Mother's Day event.
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