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  • Is Hypnobirthing for c-section?
    Yes Yes Yes! If you are having an elected caesarean or birth unfolds into an unplanned caesarean then Hypnobirthing will really come into its own. A caesarean can be a really positive and magical experience if you have the right tools at hand to make that happen.
  • Is Hypnobirthing Dangerous?
    Hypnobirthing is not inherently dangerous. In fact, many women find it to be a valuable tool for managing pain and anxiety during childbirth. Hypnobirthing techniques typically involve relaxation, visualization, and breathing exercises to promote a calm and positive birthing experience. Hypnobirthing also advocates for informed choice when embracing or declining medical intervention. Ensuring that you are well aware of all of the risks and benefits of support so you can feel empowered to make a choice that is right for your care
  • Is hypnobirthing suitable for high-risk pregnancies or special medical circumstances?
    Absolutely, I would argue that it is even more important in high risk pregnancies because you will be faced with more challenges to navigate. Hypnobirthing emphasises the feeling of control and the loss of fear. In high risk pregnancies there is naturally going to be more fear and more unknowns therefore it is really important to understand your options, learn how to make informed decisions and stay empowered and in the driving seat of your own birth. Always discuss your circumstance with me as I can make sure that I tailor information around your needs. If you would prefer to have a more tailored and private experience, you could consider a private hypnobirthing course which is tailored entirely to you and held privately in your own home
  • What happens if i need medical intervention?
    Hypnobirthing teaches you everything you need to know about intervention and your rights. I dedicate an entire session to it in fact. Most importantly I teach how to have a really positive experience of embracing intervention. Studies show that what actually happens in births matters less than how we feel about what happened, so I prepare you to feel confident about making decisions about interventions and managing them too.
  • Can I use Hypnobirthing to induce labour?
    Hypnobirthing promotes deep relaxation and the production Oxytocin, the hormone that triggers your uterus to contract. When being induced with an IV drip, it is Synthetic Oxytocin that is used. Therefore before reaching the stage of medical induction, Hypnobirthing can be used to increase your naturally produced Oxytocin to support the progression of labour.
  • Will I Have A Pain Free Birth?
    Maybe. Maybe not. How we perceive pain is entirely subjective and Hypnobirthing aims to helps people reframe pain thus experiencing the sensations differently to say, stubbing a toe which is indeed painful. The primary cause of pain in Birth is your uterus not getting enough blood and oxygen to work as it should. If you don't believe me, hold your hand in the air for 60 seconds and pulse. When the blood and oxygen is not travelling to your hand, a perfectly ordinary function that your hand is designed to do, now hurts. Hypnobirthing will teach you the techniques to ensure your uterus can do what it is designed to do, with ease. which in turn will result in a more comfortable birth, but I would never ever say you'll have a pain free birth. (and if anyone tells you otherwise, run a mile)
  • Is Hypnobirthing worth it?
    Studies have consistently shown that hypnobirthing techniques can reduce the length of labour, perceived pain levels, increase satisfaction with the birth experience, and even improve neonatal outcomes. Therefore, if you are seeking a method that can potentially enhance your birthing experience and outcomes, hypnobirthing is worth exploring.
  • How is Hypnobirthing different to other Birth prep courses?
    Hypnobirthing differs from other childbirth programs by emphasising that all women have a choice about their birthing options including where and how to birth and what interventions to embrace or decline. This includes the many many women who are given the "High Risk" title. We focus on the Physiological and psychological aspects of childbirth and teach women to manage fear by generating Oxytocin and endorphins instead of Adrenalin. This approach involves various form of NLP (Neurolinguistic programming), Conditioning of your mind and specific breathing and relaxation techniques, leading to shorter and less painful birthing experiences for both the mother and baby. Unlike more traditional classes, Hypnobirthing also puts a lot of emphasis on the importance of the birthing partner. When a person is birthing using Hypnobirthing techniques they will need a partner that is there to advocate for them and support physically, emotionally and practically.
  • Is there any science behind HypnoBirthing?
    The short and simple answer is YES. Despite its name, Hypnobirthing is based on the science on how your body works on a physiological and psychological way. Understanding hormones, muscles and key parts of your brain such as the limbic system and your Neocortex is the basis of Hypnobirthing. You can check out a host of clinical studies here to get you started on further research and evidence of the science behind Hypnobirthing
  • Can I learn Hypnobirthing without classes
    You can learn about hypnobirthing by reading about it, or through listening to hypnosis tracks or podcasts. However learning on your own does not give you the added benefits of meeting other local families going through a similar journey nor do you gain additional insights from a qualified and experienced teacher that can adapt to your specific pregnancy and birth
  • Do I Need To Take Other Birth Preparation Classes?
    All of our Hypnobirthing programmes give the full benefit of antenatal birth education while providing added Hypnobirthing tools and techniques. It is an extremely comprehensive birth preparation course, so you don’t need to buy any other book or attend any other kind of class to achieve the birth you desire. You may wish to regularly attend our pregnancy relaxation classes to commit to time to practice some of the techniques and to connect with your body and your baby Find out more about what is covered in a full course here
  • Is Hypnobirthing for dads and birth partners?
    For Hypnobirthing to be truly effective the birthing person needs to feel supported by someone they trust and that will advocate for their wishes. This allows them to fully immerse themselves into the birthing experience. Lots of the pain relieving techniques also require the help from dad or the birthing partner. Therefore, I believe it is important that they are as involved as they can be during the course so that they can best support during the birth
  • When should I start practicing HypnoBirthing?
    Honestly you can start anytime. Most people start hypnobirthing classes anytime following your 20-week scan and many women start between 28-32 weeks so they have plenty of time to get into a great mindset and practice the techniques.
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